SHANTI INTERACTIVE is a suite of tools that make it easy to create highly interactive web-based visualizations, videos, and maps. They are freely available from the University of Virginia's Sciences, Humanities & Arts Network of Technological Initiatives (SHANTI).

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VisualEyes is a HTML5 version of the VisualEyes authoring tool for historic visualization to weave images, maps, charts, video and data into highly interactive and compelling dynamic visualizations.


SCALE is a platform for delivering adaptive instruction online, and provides a framework that guides the learner through the instructional content based on proven theories about how people learn effectively.


Liza is an online tool for practicing discourse between a live instructor and a simulated 3D student that provides a risk-free environment to hone specific pedagogical and behavioral practices for new classroom teachers.

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VisualEyes is a Flash-based historic visualization tool funded by the NEH. It is included here to show some of the exemplary projects produced by scholars and students in digital humanities classes at UVA.

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Qmedia provides new ways to use video for instructional and scholarly purposes. The viewer interacts with the full screen area using a wide array of web-based resources that adds context to the media content.


MapScholar is an online platform for geospatial visualization funded by the NEH. It enables humanities and social science scholars to create digital “atlases” featuring hi-res images of historic maps.


SHIVA takes a new approach that makes it easy to add graphical and data-driven visualizations to websites. Elements such as data, charts, network graphs, maps, image montages, and timelines are easily created.

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PrimaryAccess is a web-based classroom tool for students to create short documentaries using primary sources images. It has been used by 1000's of students and teachers in middle school classrooms.

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